April 21, 2011

Easy homemade Granola with dry fruits

 Granola is perfect..!! to kick start our day with lots of nutrients...what if it's homemade with ur choice of ingredients...that will be superb! I made this one ...for a change, in my daily breakfast as well as a snack ...for munching...especially in evening hours ...:)
I usually have it with milk but can be taken as dessert with yogurt...or..ur choice u can take it up high..:):) with calories...
It's easy , healthy n by this way u can eat ur dry fruits...i made this by
rolled oats
chopped dates
olive oil/butter ur choice...

Roast rolled oats with oil or butter on very low flame on skillet or u may do it in oven...
until they become light brown.
Switch of the burner or take out from oven ..add some sugar or honey as per taste to give it sweet flavor .
Add dry fruits of ur choice and let it dry.
Keep it in air tight container..n ENJOY!! 


  1. Looks yummy. My sister used to make granola trail mix when we went camping. This reminds me of those good times.

  2. thank u ...my pleasure...:) that it reminds u of ur special moments...:)