March 11, 2011

Vegetable biryani

basmati rice                          1cup
onion                                     1 medium size
cumin                                    1tsp
ginger garlic paste                1tsp
green cardamom                   2-4 pieces
yogurt or curd                      1/2cup
biryani masala powder        1tsp
garam masala                        1tsp
oil / butter                             3-4tsp
salt acc. to taste
saffron color (optional)
vegetables of your choice can add beans, carrot, peas, mushroom,cauliflower, paneer , tofu..
mint and coriander chopped
green chili optional              2-3


  • Soak rice for 20-25 min. and boil in enough water with some salt ,few drops of oil and cardamom.
  • Sieve the rice when they are 80%done.
  • Heat a pan , pour some oil or butter add cumin or jeera, ginger garlic paste and vegetables in bigger pieces and some salt .
  • Cook the vegetables until they are 70% done , don't overcook.
  • Add mint, coriander, biryani masala, little yogurt.Stir it , you can add paneer or raisins at this time.
  • Take a foil or pyrex container or cake  pan and grease with butter. 
  • Layer it with some rice at bottom and place all the vegetables in between and top it with another layer if rice .
  • Fry some onions thinly cut in  butter and layer it on top . You can add some drops of saffron color on top if u like.
  • Cover the pan with foil and put in oven for for 15-20min.
  • Serve hot .

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