March 19, 2011


Holi is a spring religious festival celebrated in INDIA and it is well known for not only the different colors but also for the delicious recipes. Gujia is one of the most common dish prepared on this day.I am greatly missing my childhood days when i with my family ,together make this dish at home and enjoy the pleasure of not only making it but also of its sweetness.That's the story how i learnt it and now i am sharing it with you....enjoy!!! 

for dough:
Maida or all purpose flour         1cup
Soozi or Samolina                         1tsp
Oil or butter                                  2tsp
Warm water for making dough  1/2cup or more

For Khoya:( can also use store bought mava or khoya also)
Whipping cream                       1/2cup
Milk powder                             1cup

For filling :
Khoya already made or store bought
Coconut shredded                  1/4cup
Almonds chopped                   1/4cup
Pistachios chopped                 1/4cup
Raisins                                     1/4cup
Cardamom seeds crushed     1/4cup
Powdered Sugar                     4tsp
*can add any dry fruits you want 


  • First mix maida ,sooji and oil or butter and mix with hands .
  • Make a firm dough by adding water in small amounts.Keep it aside and cover with damp cloth or cling wrap.
  • Heat a pan on medium flame and add cream with milk powder and mix it until it become thicker in tendency.
  • Cool it and add sugar with chopped dry fruits .
  • take 1tsp maida and add 2-3tsp water to make a paste to seal gujiya.
  • Make small balls of dough and roll it thin of about 4inch diameter.
  • Apply white paste of maida on outer corners of semicircle of rolled ball.
  • Put some filling of Khoya mixture in half of rolled ball and fold it so that all sides are over each other and close the sides by tapping.
  • Take a fork and seal it's corners by pressing or cutter if you have one.
  • Do the same process for other balls.( you may use gujiya mould also)
  • Lastly fry them in oil on medium heat until they become lght brown on both sides ,then take it out on tissue paper.
  • Cool them and store in a air tight container .

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