January 18, 2011

cheese swirls .....ready to bake!


puff pastry sheets
cheese or indian paneer
chat masala


  • keep the pastry sheet out from fridge for about 30 min. Meanwhile ,switch on the oven and set it at 400 .
  • Take grated cheese or paneer and mix chat masala and salt according to your taste. U can add coriander as per ur choice.
  •  Flatten up the pastry sheet and spread the filling over it, leave some gap for closing . Then roll the sheet and close the ends with water. 
  • Rap it in a foil or cling rap and keep it in fridge to set .
  • After 20-30min take it out and cut the rolls with knife and put it in oven .keep checking it, it takes time which depends upon its quantity and type of  oven.