June 8, 2011

strawberry jam cookies

i made this just to try out something new ..with my left dough which i made for cookies...so i filled it with my homemade strawberry jam , baked...and voila!! taste so good ...i thought it would become soggy but those had crunch...and liked more than normal cookies....:) i liked the little tartness becoz of the jam ...
here is how i made this....

1cup             maida or all purpose flour
1/2cup         cornflour
1/2cup         sugar
3/4cup        butter
1/2cup        nuts(optional)crushed 


  • mix all ingredients and make firm dough
  • roll it and apply jam with spoon .
  • roll it , seal the ends and place in cling wrap or foil to set .
  • keep it in fridge to set it.
  • cut with knife and bake at 350f ..for 20min. this may vary acc. to type of oven.
  • cool it on rack and ENJOY!!

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