June 5, 2011

Anniversary pineapple cake..!!(eggless)

Hi !!everyone...yesterday , i made this pineapple cake on the occasion of our marriage anniversary...:) came out so good n yummy...thanks to my hubby for helping me in making such a nice cake...it was a whole wonderful day!!....started with attending 'Satyanarayan Pooja 'ceremony organized in our community center ...the chants n mantras were like soul purifying...and calming...had a great lunch there made by community people...and in evening ...enjoyed with our friends...thanks to all our friends who surprised us and made our day..enjoyable....:)..
coming back..to the cake...here's the way i made this...

cake flour or all purpose flour or maida       250gm or 1 3/4cups( i used swan cake flour)
cornflour or cornstarch                                2 tblsp
sugar                                                           4 tblsp
baking powder                                           2tsp
baking soda                                                1tsp
condensed milk                                        1 small tin
butter                                                       1/2cup
water / milk                                              3/4cup
pineapple chopped                                  1 cup
vanilla extract                                          2tsp


  • mix all dry ingredients well.
  • mix butter n sugar then add vanilla extract mix well.
  • add butter mix. with dry mixture then add condensed milk, pineapple pieces..mix i didn't used extra water as the pineapple was juicy enough to make it wet..
  • grease 9 inch pan with oil or butter , dust some dry flour and pour the cake mix.
  • heat oven to 450f and bake for 20-30 min.  check with tooth pick when its done.
  • for topping i used vanilla frosting and pineapple n raspberry but u can decorate the way u like...
apply frosting when the cake is cooled enough to do that...ENJOY!!!

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