May 13, 2011

Sphagetti with stir fried vegetable n tofu

i like to eat sphagetti with vegetables, to be frank i made this by adding whatever vegetable left in my refrigerator ...easy..huh...actually it is....:) I have used carrots, beans , asparagus, tomato, spring onion,tofu n lastly sphagetti with spices, it tastes good ...n yummy too with goodness of all veggies n tofu .
For making this dish firstly i stir fried all vegetables with olive oil with spices like cumin powder,turmeric ,chili powder, salt , ginger garlic grated... n kept aside ..
Meanwhile boiled water in pan and added sphagetti with some salt ..after it gets cooked , for few minutes ,i mixed it with vegetables and mixed .
Lastly cook for few sec, n added tomato sauce with some salt acc. to taste,..
Serve it hot ...


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