April 7, 2011

Zucchini rice

 Zucchini is an Italian name , it's a summer squash vegetable , rich in folate , potassium , vit.A , manganese....also low in calories!!! ...I am not very fond of it but for a change in taste n sometimes like to have light food in dinner then i prefer its curry.... recently i tried Zucchini rice with basmati rice( it's longer rice known for fragrance and flavor ,u may find it easily in Indian groceries ) it tastes wonderful :) ...I BET....!for it..:)give it a try i am sure u will not be repented...

imgres.jpgbasmati rice             1cup
zucchini                    1medium size
cumin seeds              1tsp
bay leaf                        1
cloves                           4-5
chili powder                1/2tsp
turmeric optional       1/4tsp
garam masala or 
curry powder              1/2tsp
oil/butter                       1-2tsp
salt to taste


  • Wash the rice and soak it with 2cups water for 30min.
  • meanwhile wash one zucchini cut its ends and grate( or kadukas) it without taking out its peel.
  • Heat a pot ,add oil/butter /ghee , cumin , cloves and bay leaf ( may add cinnamon stick , peppercorns) cook for few sec. then add rice and spices. Stir it.
  • cook for 10min until all water is soaked then switch off the burner and cover it .
  • let it cook by steam for another 5-8min.
  • Serve hot with raita , yogurt....may add extra butter on top for taste..:) garnish it  with one coriander leaf ...Enjoy!!

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