April 7, 2011

Gulab jamun ( milk balls in flavored sugar syrup)

Meet INDIA's well known dessert which has biGGest fan following.......:) 'Gulab jamun' ....
Gulab means rose and jamun is a berry of dark purple color...it's traditionally made with thickened or reduced milk with sugar syrup of rose essence ....it's soft , sweet and WITH Ice cReAM..  it tastes HEAVENLY !!!!!!...hmm....then if its home made ...came out perfect ..u can't beat it with market ones....

dry milk powder                 1/2cup
all purpose flour or maida    2tsp
yogurt or dahi                      2tsp
butter melted                       1tsp
baking soda                         1/4tsp
sugar                                   2cups
water                                  2cups
cardamom seeds or powder  1/2tsp
drops of rose essence 
oil for frying
few drops of lemon juice


  • Take a bowl , mix milk powder, all purpose flour or maida, baking soda, yogurt and butter.
  • Mix and make a soft dough .
  • heat a pan on medium , add sugar and water .
  • boil the sugar syrup for few min. then add cardamom powder n rose essence .
  • Heat a pan for frying, pour oil and make small balls of dough apply oil if it sticks on hands.
  • drop in oil , it should be on medium not hot. Fry until they become golden brown and then take out in tissue paper.
  • don't drop the balls immediately after frying, in sugar syrup they will lose their shape...
  • when all balls made out of the dough are fried in oil then drop them in sugar syrup.
  • let them soaked for few hours . 
  • Serve them chill or hot  .....tastes good with ice cream..ENJOY!!

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