April 17, 2011

Mango smoothie or lassi

Yea!! .. Summer season is here ....to enjoy a lot ...of outdoor activities ,chirping birds,..  juicy n FRESH .. tropical fruits. ...as every single thing got life...:)..recently, I brought some mangoes and try out my season's first drink...:)...nice n tasty sweet treat... humming...
"Summer's here
I'm for that
Got my rubber sandals
Got my straw hat
I'm just glad that it's here

Summer's here
That suits me fine
It may rain today
But I don't mind
It's my favorite time of the year
And I'm glad that it's here"    

                                          -JAMES TAYLOR LYRICS
let's take a look how i made it ,it's  so easy yet tasty....thats what i want..!!

dry fruits (optional)
* all are according to quantity and taste...so add more or less u want..

Peel the mango and cut its slices and put in blender with yogurt or curd, few tsp milk , sugar 
Blend it and make it to thicker consistency 
Put some dry fruits in glass and pour the mixture ,  add some ice cubes or crush them while blending... may add cardamom seeds if u like it ... top it any way u like ..with vanilla ice-cream  sounds yummy ......ENJOY!!