March 24, 2011

Pickled jalapenos

jalapenos             4-5
white vinegar      3cups
water                  1cup
sugar                  2-3tsp
salt                     1tsp
jar for filling       


  • Take  a pot , add vinegar, water, sugar ,salt and give it a boil .
  • Sterilize a jar by boiling in hot water .
  • Make a slit in peppers and fit them in bottle or jar tightly.
  • pour the brine solution made , from top and fill the jar so that all peppers are under the solution.
  • Release the air bubbles inside by inserting butter knife or spoon.
  • Wipe the mouth of jar with cloth and close the lid.
  • Keep it in shelf for few weeks and after that u can enjoy it with salsa, pizza , burger , sandwich....many ways huh!! ENJOY!

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