February 1, 2011

Sweet Dry mango chutney ( amchur khatai)

dry mango (amchur) slices 4-6
jaggery 1cup
dry chilli 1-2
cumin seeds 1tsp
water 2cups
oil 1tsp


  • Take 1 cup warm water and soak dry mango slices in it for 45min.

  • Heat a pan and pour oil , add cumin and chilli ..., stir for fewseconds until it becomes brown. Mix the jaggery with water and pour it in pan and stir to dissolve it in water .

  • Then add dry mango slices soaked in water and boil the whole mix for 20 min. or when it starts getting thicker.

  • Cool it and enjoy with snacks or with food also.... It's the famous" khatai" of Uttranchal !! U.P. INDIA

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