May 9, 2011

Low fat Veggie burger !!

 Yet another burger recipe ...with mix veggies like carrots, peas , potato , spinach, onion....
tastes good n quickly  made for sunday's low in fat n healthy as i used canola oil , flaxseeds powder for binding and dusting , pan fried patty ...'n' no cheese ...besides that tastes good..n light ... 
give it a try!!

 buns ( i used one with sesame seeds)                              

potato                            1medium size
carrots                           2 chopped
peas                               1/3 cup
flaxseed powder            2 tsp

chili or pepper powder    1/2tsp

cumin powder                  1/2tsp
picked jalapenos (home made)

mustard sauce 
oil for pan frying
salt acc. to taste
*cheese slice or grated cheese,spinach , lettuce , onion may be added in between.  , u can make ur own special burger..its all up to u!!!

for making patty:

  • Heat a pan on medium , pour 1/2tsp oil add peeled chopped potato , carrots, peas  and add spices including salt.Give it a stir and add 1/3cup water then cover it .

  • Let it cook for few min. until they become soft and mash able .Then add chopped mushrooms.cook.
  • Add some flaxseed powder ( ya! its healthy apart from adding all purpose flour )to bind the mixture and mash the potato and mushrooms.
  • Make small patty of burger size or tikki out of the mixture and dust it with flaxseed powder or all purpose flour on outside to not to stick with skillet.
  • Heat a skillet , pour some oil and place patty over it .
  • When it's cooked( although it's already cooked but for giving it a brown coating) on one side, flip over to other side.
for making burger:
  • Put some butter or oil slightly heat the buns(optional).
  • apply some mustard on inner sides or any sauce u like...
  • Place patty then add tomato ktchup may add jalapeno , onion slice , cheese or lettuce or spinach, can use other sauces and place another half of bun.
  • Here comes urs very own burger....ENJOY!!

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