April 5, 2011

Stir Fried! Asparagus

Asparagus is a spring vegetable as u can see by its rich green color ...i love it !!! it has been used from earlier times as a vegetable and  medicine . It 's low in calorie...:) , sodium :) and packed with folate , potassium and  lot of vitamins n minerals...:):):) Its shoots are prepared n served in a number ways , but today i am making it stir fried on skillet...as a side dish or can be served as an appetizer which is tasty n healthy......HIGH FIVE!!! for those who want to lose weight...:) , so let's start.....by 

fresh asparagus                  1bunch
cumin powder (roasted)      1pinch
chili powder                           1pinch
lime juice or vinegar             1tsp
salt                                           1pinch
olive oil or any oil                  1tsp
u may add any spices u like ....in ur dish!!  


  • Wash the shoots and remove hard ends.
  • Heat a skillet  and pour some oil and  gently stir fry shoots for few min.
  • Sprinkle ur favorite spices , i'm adding cumin , chili powder, salt and  vinegar.
  • Enjoy as side dish or appetizer .

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