April 12, 2011

Oatmeal, flaxseed ,Almond granola bar with honey ...no added sugar n oil

Recently , i was trying to make granola bar ....and came up with a granola bar with richness of  oatmeal, flaxseed , almonds..n honey. It's  tasty but not so ...sweet as there is no sugar in it...It will be a GReat TrEAT for those who don't want extra sugar... n oil...to gain the MOST of it's healthy nutrients apart from extra sugar....
Sure ...i will make a tasty n sweet one.. .to give some relief and delight to my taste buds....:):) ...

rolled oats

In a cookie sheet place foil or parchment paper , on it add oats , flaxseed (roughly grind ) , chopped almonds.
Heat the oven on 300degree and place the sheet in rack.
Stir it after few minutes until it become light brown or crunchy.
Take the sheet out of oven and pour honey , stir until they r sticky. 
Take a baking or loaf pan place foil ,pour some oil to not to stick then add mixture and press it with hands by placing another foil.
Bake in oven for few minutes until u see brown color.
U have to press hard to make it in bars otherwise it will break. 
Cut the pieces out when it's is cooled and enjoy....

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